Dematech is a turn-key solution provider to the craft beer and soft drink industry offering everything from brewing equipment to bottling lines and procurement services

Craft Brewing

Our integrated service offering ranges from building turn-key craft breweries to custom solutions for any brewery need.

Home & Pub Brewing

We offer small scale brewing equipment, from 20l homebrew kits for serious home brewers, to our locally developed Demacraft.

Soft Drink Plant

Our turn-key services for soft drink plants includes all solutions and equipment needed to start up, expand or service small to large scale soft drink plants.

Beverage Development & Processing

The quality of any beverage is determined as early as the development and processing stage. We assist with finding the best suited products coupled with the most efficient beverage processing equipment.

Raw Materials & Products

We source only the finest raw materials and products for beer and beverage ingredients which can result in a top-quality end result.

Technical Services

Our technical services are here to ensure the ongoing maintenance and servicing of brewing and soft drink equipment.